Periode tahun ajaran di semester genap

Human-computer interaction is an interdisciplinary field that integrates theories and methodologies from computer science, cognitive psychology, design, and many other areas. The course is intended to introduce the student to the basic concepts of human-computer interaction. It will cover the basic theory and methods that exist in the field. The course will unfold by examining design and evaluation. Case studies are used throughout the readings to exemplify the methods presented and to lend a context to the issues discussed. The students will gain principles and skills for designing and evaluating interactive systems.

Among the topics studied are the design and evaluation of effective user interaction designs, including principles and guidelines for designing interactive systems. Additionally, much emphasis is given to the development process for user interaction designs as an integral, but different, part of interactive software development. User interaction development activities include requirements and task analysis, usability specifications, design, prototyping, and evaluation. It is a goal of this course to help students realize that user interface development is an ongoing process throughout the full product life cycle, and developing the human-computer interface is not something to be done at the last minute, when the "rest of the system" is finished.

During the course the students will be involved with a real problem solving/software development project. Students will be required to gather functional requirements, identify the problem, form a solution and present this solution.


Dix, A., Finlay, J., Abowd, G.D., & Beale, R. (2004). Human computer interaction (3rd ed.). Prentice Hall. 
ISBN 0-13-046109-1.
You can find all of the resources related to this book online from the book’s website at This is currently the major textbook used for teaching undergraduate HCI courses.

Preece, J., Rogers, Y., & Sharp, H. (2015). Interaction design: Beyond human-computer interaction (4th ed.) John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN 978-1-119-02075-2.
You can find all of the resources related to this book online from the book’s website at

Bahasan mengenai Pengantar Grafika dan sistem multimedia, meliputi Pengenalan grafik, bahasan berbagai macam jenis  media : teks, citra, suara, video, animasi. Membahas kompresi secara singkat. Bahasan singkat dasar-dasar pengolahan gambar

Pre-requisite : IMK, Programming (C++ | Java | as3), AI, OOP, RPL.

 Materi : Game Design, dan Game Programming

 Output : 

 mampu mendesain dan mengimplementasikan aplikasi game


 QTA :30 %

 Ujian Tengah Semester :30 %

 Ujian Akhir Semester :40 %

 Praktikum :dinilai terpisah

 Kehadiran :Minimal 80%, sebagai Ujian.

Materi yang akan dibahas:

 Seputar game development

 Desain game

 AI pada game – path finding


 Game Development and Production, Erik Bethke, Wordware Publishing,Inc, 2003.

 Game Architecture and Design - A New Edition, by Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris. New Riders, 2004. ISBN: 0735713634

 Game Design, Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams , New Riders Publishing, 2003.

 AI for Game Developers, David M. Bourg and Glenn Seeman, O'Reilly, 2004.

 Bond, J. G. (2017). Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping and Development. New York: Pearson Education, Inc.

 Macklin, C., & Sharp, J. (2016). Games, Design and Play - A Detailed Approach to Iterative Game Design. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

 etc


  1. Introduction : definisi game, kenapa membuat game, genre game, dll
  2. GDP (Game Development Process)
  3. Elemen Desain
  4. Studi Kasus
  5. Presentasi tahap 1 per grup untuk tugas besar
  6. Fisika dan Matematika untuk Game
  7. State-Driven Agent Design
  8. Deteksi Kolisi
  9.  Animasi di dalam Game
  10. Game AI : Chasing and evading
  11. Game AI : Autonomous Moving Agent part
  12. Basic Pathfinding and Waypoints
  13. Basic Pathfinding and Waypoints
  14. Presentasi Tahap 2 : Tugas Besar Game

Membahas mengenai algoritma, persamaan, perhitungan yang dapat digunakan untuk menghasilkan sebuah animasi